Looking for fundraising ideas?


We’ve got you covered.

All of the best ways to raise money for a good cause center on everyone having fun. And that’s certainly true of a bowling fundraiser. Beginners and experts, young and old, everyone can get together at the bowling alley for an event that will both be memorable and raise some valuable funds for your good cause.

Maplewood Lanes is THE home for fundraising events. Many local school groups have raised money to help their sports teams, music departments and much more. Bowling is a great fundraiser for churches, charities and other organizations too!

Looking for fundraising ideas or a place to host your company party? Please call us at 734-429-5457 or email becky@maplewoodlanes.com.


Why Should You Host Your Fundraiser at Maplewood Lanes?

One of the biggest advantages of a bowling fundraiser is the minimal preparation and low up-front costs. Smaller organizations without a big operating budget for overhead, can still raise a lot of money for their cause.  Maplewood can provide pretty much everything you’re going to need, so all you need to do is show up and bring along plenty of other participants.

Other advantages include:

  • Families can do it together and almost everyone can bowl
  • Bowling is always fun for everyone!
  • It’s inside, so weather is never a factor
  • Maplewood Lanes can accommodate many guests
  • Great audio system to make announcements
  • You keep a large portion of ALL money raised
  • Bowling is a service, rather than goods-oriented, there is no leftover product at the end of the fundraiser.
  • At the end of the event, there is no clean-up to be done, as there might be with other types of fundraisers.
  • Our staff will be there to help assist you and organize the event