Mar 21

“Crispy’s Tipple” (Belgian Tripple) and much more at Maplewood Lanes Saline


Happy spring from your friends at Maplewood Lanes!

This time of year we usually are experiencing a slow down in business – but not so fast.  Our fantastically loyal customers have different plans; business remains brisk and so are the beer sales.  If you haven’t been here in a while you might be pleasantly surprised by the many choices available.  This week we are featuring a couple local offerings for your palate.  Stop by to try one or both of these outstanding  craft beers.  While you’re here enjoy a pizza and a game or two of bowling.

Our first selection comes from as far away as the other side of Saline.

Crispy’s Tipple

A Belgian Trippel, brewed in a traditional style, assisted by Saline’s own Chris Frey  9.0%.  Aside from the fact that I am partial to Belgian Tripple’s, this is an outstanding beer. You’ll love it!

Salt Springs Brewery has been open since 2015. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Zadvinskis, one of Salt’s proprietors last summer at the Ypsilanti Brew Fest.  Salt had many outstanding choices but one at a time…I have to apologize to Mark on taking so long to get them in the door, but look forward to sharing their beer with our Maplewood family throughout the year.

Our second offering comes from Tecumseh Brewing company from the far off land of Tecumseh, Michigan.  Kyle DeWitt and Tim Schmidt proprietors.

Candy Shoppe

A Belgian Dark Ale brewed with British Tea Pantry blended herbal tea containing hibiscus, apple, rose hips, elderberry, blackberry, strawberry and raspberry 6.0% ABV.

If you’ve visited Maplewood in the recent past you may have had to opportunity to try one of their other outstanding selections we have had on tap including Easy Street (Belgo-American pale ale) and Golden Falcon (A single malt, single hop pale ale).

Feb 16

Michigan’s Best Bowling Alley: The best of the rest

photo Amy Sherman

Michigan’s Best Bowling Alley: The best of the rest

Maplewood Lanes, Saline Michigan

Bowling, A life time of friends and fun! ~Becky Sheats

First off, I would like to thank Amy Sherman and  John Gonzalez of MLive for their wonderful efforts to advance the interest of bowling in Michigan.  It was a true pleasure meeting with them both and introducing Maplewood Lanes to the community at large.

Manchester High School Bowling

photo Amy Sherman – Manchester High School Bowling

I imagine writing a story,  that encompasses dozens (and hours) of interviews, would be easy to miss a few pertinent facts.  First and foremost the story, not intentionally, left out our #1 partner and the reason we have bowling in Saline, William Howard.  Bill has been with the business since the beginning back in 1980.

Saline High School Bowling

photo Amy Sherman – Saline High School Bowling

We would like to thank the folks who really make it happen every day.  When things go well it is because of the hard working efforts of: Becky and Krystal out front – Eli in the kitchen – Eddie and Brian out back and of course Mr. Rondot in the Ed Rondot’s Pro shop.  We’re lucky to have the stellar super hero team. These are the people who serve you, prepare your food, maintain the lanes and machines, and keep the place clean: Keri, Sammy, Melissa, Meena, Amy, Amber, Ashley, Ashten, Tara, Nick, Dave, Paula, Bobby, Kacee, Stephanie, Natalie, Amber, Kenny,  Lloyd, Sean, Ralph and even our web guru Ron.

Arbor Valley USBC Hall of Fame

photo Amy Sherman – Arbor Valley USBC Hall of Fame

What makes us most grateful though, is you.  We would like to thank our customers.  Thank you for electing us among the best in the state.  You are the awesome!  As it says  in the MLive story, our focus is on the sport of bowling as expressed by our proud hosting of the Arbor Valley USBC Hall of Fame.  Our league bowlers rock; women’s, men’s, mixed and youth.  But bowlers come in all sizes and volume (as in, some are Louder than others Rob Hagood)…we’re so grateful to our high school bowlers, open bowlers, birthday party bowlers, fundraising bowlers…well, just simply, all our bowlers.  Bill, Jerry and I talk frequently about you, our bowlers.  Not too many business owners can actually look forward to coming to work every day – we can.  You are the reason we are here.  Let’s keep the fun going!

Thank you again from all your friends at Maplewood Lanes!

Happy bowling,  Mark

Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!

Dec 09

2nd Half split season bowling leagues

qwebpinsThe second half of the bowling season is approaching and there is still room for your team to join the fun at Maplewood Lanes!  Having the benefit of a split season allows folks to get in on the fun for half the season.

IMG_3216Hi Lo Ladies (ladies 5-person)  Bowls on Wednesday evenings at 6:15pm.  They currently have 20 teams but would welcome up to four more for the second half season. This is a fun, ladies league, join them for a ladies night out each week.

  • 2nd half begins December 28
  • $14/person  per night
  • 85% Handicap
  • 7 Point system


Thursday Maplewood Twilite bowling league

Suburban Chevy from Thursday Maplewood Twilite bowling league

Maplewood Twilite (men’s 5-person) Bowls on Thursday evenings at 6:15pm.  They currently have 18 teams but would like to add 6, making it a 24 team league!

  • 2nd half begins December 29
  • $18 per night ($279/person second half)
  • team sponsor fee $60 ($30 for half season)
  • 85% handicap
  • 40 point scoring system

To join any of these two leagues please call 734-429-5457 or email Becky or Krystal.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Sep 15

Mishigama Craft Brewing


Ted Badgerow – Brewmeister

Maplewood Lanes is proud to be serving a couple nice drafts from our friends at Mishigama Brewing / Ypsi Alehouse!

Blue Racer (American Wheat Beer):

6.8% ABV / absolutely zero IBU / Michigan Blueberry Honeywheat
Malted wheat and barley from Pilot House Malt in Byron Center in the mash. Centennials from Top Hops in Goodrich for a fragrant dry-hopped nose. Honey from the Windmill Hill Farm in Croswell. Michigan-grown blueberries diving, ascending and hovering in our kinetic beer sculpture. Blue Racer is one of the only brews you’ll find with 100% of the ingredients made in Michigan! The Blue Racer name comes from a native Michigan snake.

Woodruff’s Porter:

7.1% ABV / 98 IBU / Smoked Honey Porter
Before Ypsilanti , the town was called Woodruff’s Grove and porter was the most popular beer in the world. Our Woodruff’s Porter hearkens back to the time when coppers were fired with flavorful smoky hardwoods and honey was a commonly added treat. Seven different malts, led by traditional Maris Otter, combine with Fuggle and East Kent Golding hops to bring you a taste of the ale that was brewed 150 years ago.

Coming very soonNow’s the time for a big Wet Kiss!  In tune with the fall season, the Ypsi Alehouse is  capturing the essence of the local hop harvest with the delicate aromas of our tangy and floral Wet Kiss Harvest Ale.  In collaboration with Groovy Hopster Hop Farm in Chelsea, we’re rapidly moving the freshest of their delightful Chinook hops from the vine to the brew kettle to create the flavors of a unique brew that must be served young and fresh.  Like a new Beaujolais that begs you to “Drink Me Now!!”, our Wet Kiss – with its herbal, spicy, grassy, fruity undertones — is fleeting yet unforgettable!

Jul 21

Dog Days Title

-by Brian Soper
Emerges with victory over record field at Brighton Bowl
CONGRATULATIONS TO SHAUN MICHALAK for his first DV8 / Rondot’s Pro Shop Shootout title as he took home the Dog Days victory last Friday night at Brighton Bowl.  He qualified without any worries as he was also the High Qualifier as well, then barely survived a very close 1st round match against former Champion Rod Radant.  He marched right through to the Championship match where it looked like he might fall short.  Finishing first and showing the heart of a champion, he struck out in the tenth to force his opponent to throw the first two strikes.  That did not happen and Shaun was ecstatic to claim the $500 cash prize, the Champion’s pennant, the Bye into match play of next month’s DV8 Grand Finale, and some pretty steep bragging rights for being Champion plus High Qualifier!  That was some Damn Good Bowling!!!
13775369_778767172225793_8986124397625414761_nCONGRATULATIONS AS WELL TO ADAM SMITH for his excellent 2nd place finish!  He plowed though his match play opponents handily, his only downfall was an excellent shot in the final frame of the title match which refused to carry.  Adam collected the $300 runner-up prize amid plenty of hootin’ and hollerin’ from his fan club and vowed to win next time get bowls his way into the championship match.  An excellent showing for him, and he gets a shout out for Damn Good Bowling, too!
THE DV8 BALL RAFFLE WAS CLAIMED BY PHIL BOYD.  He received a state-of-the-art DV8 Diva XOXO from Ed Rondot’s Pro Shop, and will also get any needed grips and drilling services from Ed Rondot himself.  13690656_778765905559253_5097722965994340750_nSince this prize is worth nearly $250, Phil had a pretty good night, indeed!  Keep in mind that DV8 Bowling donates these balls, and proceeds from these raffles as well as $1 per tournament entry all season from Ed and Brian, go into the Grand Finale prize fund to help make that tournament a huge must-bowl for any Shootout regular.
WE EXPECT THIS TO SELL OUT AT 108 BOWLERS.  The only way to guarantee yourself a spot is to get your paid entry submitted before they’re gone. This includes seeded Champions!!!  Having a Champion’s seed will do you no good if you can’t bowl because it sold out before you entered.  The first 108 paid entries received will get in, then we will start a waiting list.  As of this writing, a third of the spots are already gone.  Remember, you must have bowled at least three regular Shootouts to be eligible.  A list of those bowlers has been posted on the Facebook events page along with plenty of additional information:
Friday evening, August 5th at 7:30 PM.  $50 to enter this one, the only Shootout of our season that isn’t $40, but that entire $10 extra goes to the prize fund.  The Grand Finale Champion gets an amazing array of outstanding awards for winning the biggest tournament of the season:
1.  $1,000 cash, guaranteed by Maplewood Lanes
2.  Champion’s clock-plaque award commemorating the huge victory, donated by Maplewood
3.  Champion’s bye into next season’s Grand Finale
4.  Champion’s pennant displayed for the next year at every Shootout until next season’s Grand Finale when it will be formally presented to keep
thedlasvegashdThat four day / three night High Roller Suite experience at The D Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas plus party limo service between The D and McCarran Airport and $100 in food credits to spend while you’re there.
Thanks to everyone who came out to Brighton Bowl to help us set our new summer record of 101 entries.  As always we hope everyone had a great time – win or lose!
$500 – Shaun Michalak
$300 – Adam Smith
$200 – Rourke McKibben
$100 – Huey Herron Jr.,Matt Vincentini, Rob Hagood
$70   – Scott Lawson, Virgil Chandler, Joe Couchman,
        – Don Osugi Jr.,Mary Martin, Michael Saunders
$45   – Tom Shereda, Ed Vasas, Jose Jiminez, Rob Sandecki,
        – Marty Lunceford, Nic Clawson, Jessica Mitchell, Rod Radant,
        – Joel Kimball, Eric Gambrell, Andrew Nelson, Joe Pettinato
$40   – Robert Engblom,
         – Joe Smart / Paul Van Blaricum (tie split)
Jul 16

Maplewood Twilite 2016-17

Maplewood Twilite 2016-17 bowling league Our largest men’s league –  40 point scoring system – $$$ prize money – jackpots – brackets and more!    (24) 5-man teams.

Bowling ... a lifetime of fun and friends at Maplewood Lanes in Saline

Goldilocks AKA Steph!

Are you looking for a fun bowling league to join this fall?  Can’t find the one that’s just right?  Try asking Goldilocks, she’s quoted as saying, “Maplewood Lanes is the best bowling alley to bowl league.  One that is not too hot, not too cold, but just right, sorta like that porridge”.  Check out our league page to find your league:  Maplewood lane’s leagues Find out what others are calling the Maplewood difference!

And speaking of different, take a look at our Maplewood Twilite bowling league.  One of the few leagues left with some availability!  This league bowls every Thursday with practice starting at 6:15 pm.  Each team consists of five men. However, each team may carry up to an eight man roster.  Last year we finished with 16 teams.  This year we plan on expanding to fill the house with 24 teams.

Thursday Maplewood Twilite bowling league

Suburban Chevy from Thursday Maplewood Twilite bowling league

33 weeks September 1, 2016 through April 20, 2017

  • $18 per week per person (pay 31 weeks, bowl 33) $558.00 total per person
  • 40 point scoring system featuring team and individual points
  • Split season
  • Handicap 85% of 230

Optional weekly games and jackpots:

  • Mystery and progressive mystery
  • 50/50 drawing
  • Handicapped jackpots
  • Handicapped king of the hill
  • Handicapped brackets

nobumpersContact Mark Bulick via email or call (734) 429-5457 with your intention to participate in this league.  First come – first served; whoever pays their team deposit of $60 first, gets into the league.

A Captains meeting is scheduled for August 18 at 6:30pm.  Each team should have their captain or a representative present at this meeting.  We will be covering all the business of the league including any possible rules changes. By all means,  Please RSVP ASAP.

Jul 14

Summer Solstice Wrap up

Ed Rondot

nelson2016Andrew Nelson Prevails in nail-biter championship match

OUR HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO ANDREW NELSON for earning his first DV8 / Rondot’s Pro Shop Shootout title in the Summer Solstice event at Maplewood Lanes on Friday night! His championship match was against a red-hot Matthew Vincentini, who was seeking the rare second consecutive title. Andrew finished first and struck on the last ball to force Matthew into getting all 3 strikes in the 10th for a tie and a rematch for all the marbles, but a 9-count on the first shot ended the tournament. Andrew happily claimed all of the goodies for the winner – the title, the $500 first prize, the pennant which will be displayed at every Shootout for the next year, plus that highly valuable Bye into the match play of the DV8 Grand Finale Shootout in August. Congratulations again, Andrew, enjoy the knowledge that you are a Shootout Champion!

matt2016CONGRATULATIONS ALSO TO MATTHEW VINCENTINI for his outstanding run at becoming a Back-To-Back DV8 Shootout Champion! He emerged victorious in last month’s Memorial Weekend event and came within one frame of doing it again. We hope the $300 awarded for 2nd place provided some consolation, that’s been some Damn Good Bowling.

JIM HICKENBOTTOM has been one of our most loyal bowlers for a long time but hasn’t yet claimed a title, we thought he was going to break through when he plowed his way to the Final 3 in this event. The lanes were unkind to him in that match but he did snag the $200 prize for his third-place finish. Great job, Jim, we know that you’ll be in the winner’s circle soon.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BOWL GREAT TO CASH BIG! By her own admission, Jessica Kershner had a really bad night on the lanes, her second game was an 80. Yes, 80. However, as fate would have it, her evening got much better because that was the number drawn for the Mystery score and she happily claimed a very nice $174! Congratulations to Jessica!

THE DV8 BOWLING BALL RAFFLE did see a repeat winner. Anne Zborowski won the raffle in February at the SuperBowl Shootout and was fortunate enough to win another one at this event. She was definitely all smiles as she claimed her new state-of-the-art DV8 Grudge, and she will also receive free drilling and any needed grips from Ed Rondot’s Pro Shop – a prize package worth well north of $200. Congratulations to Anne – again!

ALL-TIME RECORD FIELD FOR A SUMMER SHOOTOUT – That’s right, folks, 97 of you went to the starting gate for this event, breaking our all-time record for a summer Shootout. This wasn’t our doing, we have you, our bowlers, to thank for such strong support! Despite the huge field, it only took a handicap series of 684 to make the cut, be guaranteed to cash, and proceed into the match play eliminations to seek the title.

We’re down to crunch time for earning eligibility into the DV8 Grand Finale. The upcoming Dog Days of Summer event at Brighton Bowl on July 15 is your last chance. All bowlers, including seeded Champions, must have bowled at least three regular Shootouts this season to be eligible. Dog Days starts at 8 PM that evening, entries will be cut off at 7:50 PM with no exceptions. If you must bowl that event to gain Finale eligibility, you are strongly urged to get your entry in early since the 7:50 deadline does not apply to prepaid entries. We also suggest early entry for those who wish to have family and/or friends on the same pair of lanes during the qualifying round. Don’t get shut out because of traffic problems or other reasons that you can’t control! You may enter at either Maplewood’s or Brighton’s front desks, at Rondot’s Pro Shop, or in other ways as outlined here:

THE GRAND FINALE SHOOTOUT presented by DV8 Bowling, The D Las Vegas, and Maplewood Lanes is shaping up to possibly be the biggest tournament in our history. Maplewood has guaranteed the winner’s prize all season, somebody will get $1,000 cash! The D Las Vegas has again given us an outstanding Champion’s prize package including 4 days and 3 nights in a High Roller’s suite, party limo transportation both ways between The D and McCarran Airport, and $100 in food credit good at nearly every restaurant within The D plus a couple of outside venues. Also, in recent years we have been able to pay half of the field at least their entry fee back, and merely making the cut has been worth at least $100. This is the only tournament on our Tour that costs $50 to enter instead of the usual $40, but the entire ten bucks extra is added to the prize fund. If you wish to inquire about your eligibility, send an email with “Shootouts” as the subject, Brian will give you an answer as quickly as possible.

– Ed, Brian, and our wonderful DV8 Shootout Staff

DV8 / Rondot’s Pro Shop Summer Solstice Shootout
$500 – Andrew Nelson
$300 – Matthew Vincentini
$200 – Jim Hickenbottom
$100 – Darrin Turner, Adam Smith, Jeff Piekarzewski
$70 – Rich Planko, Brian Rise, Mike Goike, Steve Jacobs,
– David Kohn, Nic Clawson
$45 – Matt Coleman, Krystal Gambrell, Rourke McKibbon, Reggie Thomas
– Donovan Weeks, Jeremy Griggs, T.J. Shaw, Huey Herron Jr.
– Brad White, Liz Payeur, Donnie Odum, Justin Ewing
TIE FOR 25th, SPLIT $40 PRIZE – James Bush, Ken Pickett