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Top 10 reasons to bowl in a league at Maplewood Lanes

Maplewood Lanes puts a high priority on our league bowling.  It is the single most important aspect of our business. Women’s, men’s, mixed and youth; whatever your level of skill, we have the right bowling league for you.  Click through to our league page for detailed listing of all our fall/winter leagues.

Which leads us to the top 10 reasons for you to bowl in a league at Maplewood Lanes.  A special thank you goes out to Ed Rondot for his contribution to this week’s topic.  As always, we look forward to your comments on this and all blog subjects.

10: You can always sit in your favorite spot. We bolt the down the chairs!

9:  Nothing says “Fashionable” more than our cool button down team shirts and sassy shoes!

8:  No matter how poorly you throw the ball, it comes right back!

7:  At the lanes you can tell your Grandmother you put your “balls on the rack” without blushing :-)

6:  It’s the perfect excuse to have a night out with your spouse!

5:  It’s the perfect excuse to have a night out without your spouse!Maplewood Lanes Saline Leagues

4:  You can dream of competing with some of America’s greatest icons: Homer Maplewood Lanes Saline Leagues
Simpson, Al Bundy and Fred Flintstone!

3:  No mosquitoes, no sunburn, no rain-outs!

2:  Beer + Bowling = great memories!  No gut busting story has ever began with “well we were drinking a couple glasses of milk at the soccer game.”

1:  It is a lifetime of fun, friends and memories!

Come bowling today!