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Maplewood Lanes – where league bowlers bowl.

As we complete the summer’s renovations, we thought it would be nice to share with our bowling friends, just what you can expect during your first visit back this fall.
Number one will will be the 28, large, flat screen monitors staring you in the face. The color graphics simply jump right out at you. Take a few steps toward the lanes, do a quick turn around, you will notice that there are 11 large, flat, High Def televisions surrounding the bowler’s area. Whatever your sporting event, chances are you won’t miss it here at Maplewood Lanes. Take a walk around, you will notice 19 flat screen televisions throughout the building with the ability to watch 19 different sporting event’s/programs!

And that’s not the best of it…Yes, the new television screens are great but that’s just the beginning. The entire auto-scoring system has been replaced with the State-of-the-art BES-X system from Quibica/AMF! League bowling automation is supercharged with this new configuration. If we are running your league in-house, all your information will be uploaded and downloaded instantaneously. Bracket scores automated and updated. Have a substitute bowler this week? You can choose your bowler from the drop down menu right on the lanes’s touch screen monitor. Change the bowler order, change the handicap, change the spelling, any change you want is now easier than ever. How easy you ask? So easy that I can do it! Now that’s saying something. Best of all each lane features a 48 inch monitor so even Morocco Mole can see the scores!

As in past years, Maplewood has paid for a blanket subscription for the League Secretary Stats web site.
What this means for you, our league bowler is you pay nothing – It’s free. Simply go to the site and browse stats for you, your league or the whole house. Average by lane, high scores, high series, high average! If you can think it, League Secretary tracks it. Subscribe to the site to receive emails of the latest weekly standing sheets. You will find the page on the site under the Michigan Bowling Center page right at the top. Or you will always be able to click through to our online league page via the front page of our web site:

Finally, all the league meetings are all lined up for the next 3 weeks. Whether you’re looking for men’s, women’s, mixed or youth, there is a bowling league that is right for you – Individual or team. Most leagues have sent out notices, but if haven’t received one or you’re new, please give us a call (734) 429-5457, we would love to help you find the fun-night-out this fall.

On behalf or all our staff, we sincerely look forward to serving you all season long,

Mark Bulick

Top 10 reasons to bowl in a league at Maplewood Lanes

Maplewood Lanes puts a high priority on our league bowling.  It is the single most important aspect of our business. Women’s, men’s, mixed and youth; whatever your level of skill, we have the right bowling league for you.  Click through to our league page for detailed listing of all our fall/winter leagues.

Which leads us to the top 10 reasons for you to bowl in a league at Maplewood Lanes.  A special thank you goes out to Ed Rondot for his contribution to this week’s topic.  As always, we look forward to your comments on this and all blog subjects.

10: You can always sit in your favorite spot. We bolt the down the chairs!

9:  Nothing says “Fashionable” more than our cool button down team shirts and sassy shoes!

8:  No matter how poorly you throw the ball, it comes right back!

7:  At the lanes you can tell your Grandmother you put your “balls on the rack” without blushing :-)

6:  It’s the perfect excuse to have a night out with your spouse!

5:  It’s the perfect excuse to have a night out without your spouse!Maplewood Lanes Saline Leagues

4:  You can dream of competing with some of America’s greatest icons: Homer Maplewood Lanes Saline Leagues
Simpson, Al Bundy and Fred Flintstone!

3:  No mosquitoes, no sunburn, no rain-outs!

2:  Beer + Bowling = great memories!  No gut busting story has ever began with “well we were drinking a couple glasses of milk at the soccer game.”

1:  It is a lifetime of fun, friends and memories!

Come bowling today!

9-Pin No-Tap Trio

Maplewood lanes, Saline presents a short season league  just for the new bowler in mind.

Every Monday night with practice beginning at 6:15 pm. 15 Weeks of competition.

This is a fun, non-competitive night out with friends. The league is Non-sanctioned with weekly fees of only $12. This includes your bowling, prize fund and end of the season pizza/bowling party. Any combination of three adults make up a team.  Call up your buddies and show up Monday, you can join immediately finishing up the first half season.  The second half begins on January 6th!

Call Becky at 734-429-5457 or email her at

So please share your thoughts and ideas folks!